Still no trailer?

Mockingjay Part 1 is just over 6 months away! It feels like just yesterday Catching Fire came out! It’s come so quickly! One thing that many fanatics and fans are wondering, why hasn’t the trailer been released yet?

Last year, when Catching Fire was coming up, the trailer had already been released. It was released way before this time last year, so what’s going on? Does Lionsgate have a plan up their sleeve?

Many are speculating it’ll be released soon, at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, yet again, it was speculated to be released at the MTV Awards, last month, that never happened. So we can’t get our hopes up just yet.

Never the less, considering we only have 6 months left, it will be released soon, and when it does; the fandom is just gonna go crazy! Are you looking forward to the trailer? When do you speculate it’ll be released?

Let me know in the comments!


New Director For Hunger Games Finale

Hey all Hunger Games fans! Sorry I haven’t posted in months, there has been some family things going on, a big move and school. But I’m back.

Some of you may have heard, quite a few months back that Francis Lawerence is directing the WIP Catching Fire movie. While recently, he signed onto part one and part two of the Mockingjay movie.

Lawerence has previously directed the movie Will Smith movie, I Am Legend and many other movies and has now signed into the Hunger Games franchise. Catching Fire is set for release Nov. 22nd, 2013 followed by Mockingjay — Part 1 Nov. 21st, 2014 and lastly Mockingjay — Part 2 Nov. 20th, 2015.

Do you think adding Lawerence to the fracnhise is good, bad or really could go both ways. Hopefully it turns out like the Twilight Movies, turning out good with other directors.

Interview With Nightlock Podcast

I recently interviewed the NightLock Podcast team. You can read the full interview below.

Q1: When did you start participating in the Hunger Games fandom?
Kira: Other than buying Mockingjay the day of it’s release, I didn’t start participating in the fandom until Matt and I began founding Nightlock Podcast in June of 2011. Our first episode was then released early July. Ever since then I was eagerly waiting for the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games. During the long wait Matt, Mariah and I recorded podcast episodes and talked with our listeners. I also enjoyed when actors from the movie, Jackie, Dayo and Zander, did live ustream videos for the fans. It is great for us fans to be able to ask questions and have them answer them live. Before the movie was released the Hunger Games community was much smaller and I recognized most of the people in the chat rooms of the ustream. It’s a dream come true for the fandom to be surpassing some records of huge franchises like Harry Potter and Twilight, and being a fan from the beginning to see it growing has been remarkable.

Q2: How and when did you start reading the series?
Kira: Mariah, our co-host, was reading the first book in back in 2009. I have always loved her taste in books, so when I was looking for my next read she recommended the Hunger Games. So I started reading it and I was enthralled in this new world. Then later I basically told Matt to read it. It was during finals so I thought he would just read it when classes were done. However he ended up reading it the night before some finals. When he expressed how much he was intrigued by the series I mention my idea of a podcast and he we all are.

Q3: What’s your favourite book in the series?
Mariah: My favorite book in the series is by far the first one. I love the whole series as a group, of course, but nothing can beat the excitement, surprise, and anticipation that i felt while reading the first book.
Matt: Based on all three books, I have to say that Mockingjay is probably my favorite out of the series. I have discussed this question with several people and many say that The Hunger Games is their favorite because it covers the main climax of the series, which is the Hunger Games. However, Mockingjay, to me, is sort of like the “real life“ Hunger Games because (Spoiler) Katniss is fighting for the freedom of Panem, which everyone has been struggling for since the Rebellion.

Q4: How do you produce the podcast (what program, how do you edit it, etc)
Kira: The program we use to record and edit is Sony’s Sound Forge Audio Studio and use the Blue Yeti microphone to record. We don’t record over Skype like most other podcasts, unless we are recording our special joint podcast episodes with Rebellion Radio, Night Rebels. We find that recording with all the hosts in person creates a better dynamic for the show. That is an aspect that no other Hunger Games Podcast offers. That may be the reason we are the highest rated hunger games podcast on iTunes with five stars.
Q5: Who’s your favourite character in the series?
Kira: That’s a really tough question, however if I had to choose I would go with Rue. She never gives up even though surviving the games is nearly impossible for her. She relies her mental strengths like being agile, her knowledge of nature, and her abilities to heal to compensate for her size and age. Rue doesn’t let the others intimidate her, she is strong in these other aspects that reward her with an 11. How many tributes can they say they have all of that going for them? She is an amazing role-model and we can all learn something from her.
Mariah: My favorite character would have to be Katniss. I realize how predictable that may be, but i just can’t help it. Not including the last book, Katniss continued to be as strong as ever. She was always independent, always challenging, but always lovable. Katniss was one of the most realistic characters i’ve ever read about, even though her situations were not realistic. She wasn’t perfect, especially when it came to expressing and feeling emotions, but that just made her more real.
Matt: The character(s) that affected me most deeply are Prim and probably Peeta. (Spoiler:) Although Peeta did not die, I still find him one of the best role models in the entire series because he is more than just a manipulative being to the audience; he has an excessive amount of care and compassion for the people he holds most dearly to him. Peeta also has this strong-willed aspect about him that I’ve yet to find in any other character from any other novel. Prim touches me very dearly because of her actions, how she will do whatever it takes to help someone in need. Being that I want to go into the medical field, I can relate to Prim so closely, but when she died, it absolutely broke me and, to be honest, I cried for about an hour after reading that part because it caught me so off guard.

Mistakes In The Movie

I know every movie has its mistakes, but I didn’t expect THG to have this much.

1. *When Katniss, Peeta and Cato are on top of the Cornucopia near the end of the film, she aims an arrow at Cato while he has Peeta in a headlock. Katniss has her arrow fletchings on backwards. This would prevent her from shooting straight.

2. *While Katniss is hiding/sleeping in a tree before the fire corals her into the path of the Careers, her sleeping bag vanishes in and out of the scene.

3. *There is no cannon fire to alert the Hunger Games participants that Rue and her killer, Marvel, have died.

4. *While Katniss is alone in her suite, she is looking at different types of scenery in the windows. The remote she uses disappears and reappears in her hand through the scene.

5.*As the 12 chariots carrying the tributes roll through the stadium, fans throw flowers as they pass. When all the chariots have reached the end of the roadway, an overhead shot reveals a clean and spotless runway.

6. *After Katniss wades across water to find Peeta, her legs are soaking wet up past her thighs. When she discovers the blood trail she is completely dry.

7. *In the same scene that has Cato, Peeta and Katniss on top of the cornucopia, blood stains seen on Cato’s hand disappears and reappears as the camera switches focus to and from Katniss.

8. *Peeta throws the giant metal ball to win intimidation as Clove, Cato and Marvel watch. After they see him toss the ball, Clove and Glimmer have switched places.

9. *The number of arrows available for Katniss to use while being evaluated changes. She is given four, uses one and misses her target. She turns back to grab another arrow and four arrows are still available for her to use.


Yes!! They released a date for the DVD to be released! Can’t wait!

The Hunger Games will make its home-entertainment debut on Aug. 18, Lionsgate said Wednesday, giving the studio behind the box office smash a fresh opportunity to rake in more cash.

The adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novel has already racked up nearly $650 million at the worldwide box office and made a star out of Jennifer Lawrence, the actress who plays bow and arrow wielding hero Katniss Everdeen.

Now The Hunger Games will see if it can prop up a sagging home-entertainment market by enticing fans to return to Panem, the post-apocalyptic country at the heart of the movie, via Blu-ray and DVD.

The Hunger Games will debut on a two-disc DVD, two-disc Blu-ray, video on demand and digital download with three hours of bonus materials. The Blu-ray and DVD editions will come with digital copies.

Among the special features will be a documentary, The World Is Watching: Making of The Hunger Games, as well as a conversation with director Gary Ross and featurettes about the book and key sets and scenes. The Blu-ray will cost $39.99 and the DVD will sell for $30.98.

“District 12” To Be Featured On Hollywood Treasures

Henry River Mill Village has become a tourist destination since before the movie “The Hunger Games” opened. The SyFy Channel show “Hollywood Treasures” was at the village today to flim an episode.

With the popularity of the movie “The Hunger Games,” interest in Henry River Mill Village continues to grow.

The SyFy Channel was at the village on Tuesday filming an episode of the second season of “Hollywood Treasures,” and the show’s host, Joe Maddalena, was at the village looking for anything left behind from the movie.

The show is a documentary reality show based on Maddalena’s life as he travels the world hunting down Hollywood treasures to sell at auction. Maddalena has been hunting treasures for 26 years and owns a business in Los Angeles, “Profiles in History.”

Maddalena said the episode also could help the property’s owner, Wade Shepherd, sell the village that stood as the home for “The Hunger Games” heroine Katniss Everdeen.

He talked about how beautiful the property is and how people may have the misconception that it’s in the middle of nowhere.

“I think that’s one thing we’ll do on the show is convey how amazing this property is and how amazing this location is,” Maddalena said. “It’s like out of a Norman Rockwell painting.”

Maddalena added, “It’s just a nice experience.”

The show arrived at the village early Tuesday morning and was still there at lunchtime.

Maddalena, whose parents were antique dealers, said he was intrigued with the idea of helping Shepherd sell the property. He thinks there is a market for the property beyond just real estate, maybe something that could give visitors “The Hunger Games” experience. The old mill village store and some homes still remain on the 72-acre site. The asking price for the property is $1.4 million.

Maddalena said he can envision maybe a bed and breakfast business on the property, or a micro-brewery and maybe something called “Peeta’s Bakery,” to play off the name of one of the movie’s main characters.

But Shepherd may not need help selling the property.

Ed Phillips, executive director of Burke County Travel and Tourism, said, “Wade has indicated that he is expecting an offer from a prospective buyer any day.” He said the prospective buyer is not local but the belief is the buyer would preserve the property.

In the meantime, Phillips and Burke County Travel and Tourism will continue to promote the area as a filming site for “The Hunger Games.” He said the organization plans to sell T-shirts, both fitted and traditional styles, which say, “District 12” with the words “Real or not real” written below. The words “Real or not real,” refer to the ambiguity of the relationship between the characters Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, who are both competitors in the “Hunger Games” and both from District 12. “The Hunger Games” movie is the first in a book trilogy from author Suzanne Collins. Other books in the trilogy are “Catching Fire,” and “Mockingjay.”

The movie was the top-rated movie at the box office for four consecutive weekends, until it was displaced just this past weekend. To date, it has grossed $357.1 million.

Phillips said the T-shirts are all women’s sizes, because women are the ones that have expressed the most interest in the movie filming. He said he hopes to have the T-shirts for sale by Thursday. The price for the T-shirt will be around $20, Phillips said, and can be purchased at the travel and tourism office at 110 East Meeting St., in Morganton. The office is located in the same building as Burke County Chamber of Commerce.

The second season of “Hollywood Treasures” will start May 22 on the SyFy channel and airs at 10 p.m., Maddalena said.

How Will The Screenwriters Tame Down Catching Fire?

As all The Hunger Games fans probably know, the screenwriters for The Hunger Games Movie tamed down some of the violence in the movie, which I think is so they could keep the rating PG. The movie wasn’t as intense a I imagined.

People who have read the whole trilogy know that it gets a bit more violent as the books go on. So how are they going to tame Catching Fire, which is more violent. If I or anybody else didn’t find it the first movie too violent, how will Catching Fire be?

I can’t wait to see what they do.

What’s your opinion or thoughts?

The Starving Games?

If you’ve at all experienced American pop culture, then you have most likely heard of or seen any of the four Scary Movies.

Writers of the ‘Scary Movie’ movies, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer will be writing a new parody, mostly based off ‘The Hunger Games,’ called The Starving Games. Not only will ‘The Hunger Games’ be spoofed, but also ‘The Avengers’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’, and the final Harry Potter movie.

But here’s a question to ask yourself: is this major, big screen parody taking things too far? As fans of ‘The Hunger Games’, we understand that the books show us how desensatized to violence our society is and can become. Will a spoof of this size further prove this? Is something like this, making fun of something as serious as children being forced to kill each other, completely inappropriate? Or is this just two screenwriters just trying to make money off of a giant franchise?

To me, it’s the latter. There are plenty of Hunger Games parodies out there (although on a much smaller scale), made mostly by fans of the books or movie.

But what do you think? Are you looking forward to ‘The Starving Games’, or does it worry you?

Guest Post Written By @Hayy6747

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NightLock Podcast Ep. 24

NightLock Podcast just released Episode 24: At Least Once.

We continue the show with analyzing Chapter 2 of Catching Fire, including if the books would ave been better if *SPOILER* either Katniss or Peeta died. Some news stories includes speculation of when the DVD will be released as well as what new record the movie broke and what major movie franchise it surpassed in order to get there. In our music segment we feature a Green Day song to relate to the controlling government. A newer segment, Real or Not Real, asks the question if Panem celebrates holidays.