How Will The Screenwriters Tame Down Catching Fire?

As all The Hunger Games fans probably know, the screenwriters for The Hunger Games Movie tamed down some of the violence in the movie, which I think is so they could keep the rating PG. The movie wasn’t as intense a I imagined.

People who have read the whole trilogy know that it gets a bit more violent as the books go on. So how are they going to tame Catching Fire, which is more violent. If I or anybody else didn’t find it the first movie too violent, how will Catching Fire be?

I can’t wait to see what they do.

What’s your opinion or thoughts?


2 thoughts on “How Will The Screenwriters Tame Down Catching Fire?

  1. Ok I’ll go though some of the obvious.

    1. Old Guy getting shot by Peacekeepers in District 12. This will be easy to tame. Show the Peacekeepers drag him up the steeps and place a gun to his head, then cut to a shot of Katniss watching him being executed..

    2. Gale’s whipping is not to bad. Maybe a good bit of blood since he loses consciousness but I don’t think that’s to bad for the ratings board.

    3. The main Arena battles will be a little tough. They might still need to use quick cuts for Finnick killing people with the Trident. Arrow shots from Katniss are not to hard because they naturally don’t have to squirt blood and can be stuck into someone for a good but not really violent effect.

    4. The Morphling dying will be easy because it will be enough to show a monkey attacking her to know she is a goner. Blood Flower Drawing is not to bad for the ratings board. The monkey fight doesn’t have to have blood flying everywhere, easy enough.

    5. Johanna cutting the tracker out of Katniss’s arm is not to bad. They can’t show close ups but they will probably use that to show Katniss’s confusion about what Johanna is doing to her.

    6. Thats all really. This goes for the 2nd Quarter Quell also. Can’t show the birds dive bombing Maysilee and inflicting her fetal wounds. They also can’t show and Axe hitting the District 1 female in the head.

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