Yes!! They released a date for the DVD to be released! Can’t wait!

The Hunger Games will make its home-entertainment debut on Aug. 18, Lionsgate said Wednesday, giving the studio behind the box office smash a fresh opportunity to rake in more cash.

The adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novel has already racked up nearly $650 million at the worldwide box office and made a star out of Jennifer Lawrence, the actress who plays bow and arrow wielding hero Katniss Everdeen.

Now The Hunger Games will see if it can prop up a sagging home-entertainment market by enticing fans to return to Panem, the post-apocalyptic country at the heart of the movie, via Blu-ray and DVD.

The Hunger Games will debut on a two-disc DVD, two-disc Blu-ray, video on demand and digital download with three hours of bonus materials. The Blu-ray and DVD editions will come with digital copies.

Among the special features will be a documentary, The World Is Watching: Making of The Hunger Games, as well as a conversation with director Gary Ross and featurettes about the book and key sets and scenes. The Blu-ray will cost $39.99 and the DVD will sell for $30.98.


One thought on “HG DVD

  1. yay for MSRP prices!!! Buy the time it comes out you will be able to get the Blu-Ray for $25 and the DVD for $20. Target has a 3 disk Deluxe edition which I’m looking forward to and Wal Mart is supposed to have a exclusive also which they will announcer later.

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