Interview With Nightlock Podcast

I recently interviewed the NightLock Podcast team. You can read the full interview below.

Q1: When did you start participating in the Hunger Games fandom?
Kira: Other than buying Mockingjay the day of it’s release, I didn’t start participating in the fandom until Matt and I began founding Nightlock Podcast in June of 2011. Our first episode was then released early July. Ever since then I was eagerly waiting for the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games. During the long wait Matt, Mariah and I recorded podcast episodes and talked with our listeners. I also enjoyed when actors from the movie, Jackie, Dayo and Zander, did live ustream videos for the fans. It is great for us fans to be able to ask questions and have them answer them live. Before the movie was released the Hunger Games community was much smaller and I recognized most of the people in the chat rooms of the ustream. It’s a dream come true for the fandom to be surpassing some records of huge franchises like Harry Potter and Twilight, and being a fan from the beginning to see it growing has been remarkable.

Q2: How and when did you start reading the series?
Kira: Mariah, our co-host, was reading the first book in back in 2009. I have always loved her taste in books, so when I was looking for my next read she recommended the Hunger Games. So I started reading it and I was enthralled in this new world. Then later I basically told Matt to read it. It was during finals so I thought he would just read it when classes were done. However he ended up reading it the night before some finals. When he expressed how much he was intrigued by the series I mention my idea of a podcast and he we all are.

Q3: What’s your favourite book in the series?
Mariah: My favorite book in the series is by far the first one. I love the whole series as a group, of course, but nothing can beat the excitement, surprise, and anticipation that i felt while reading the first book.
Matt: Based on all three books, I have to say that Mockingjay is probably my favorite out of the series. I have discussed this question with several people and many say that The Hunger Games is their favorite because it covers the main climax of the series, which is the Hunger Games. However, Mockingjay, to me, is sort of like the “real life“ Hunger Games because (Spoiler) Katniss is fighting for the freedom of Panem, which everyone has been struggling for since the Rebellion.

Q4: How do you produce the podcast (what program, how do you edit it, etc)
Kira: The program we use to record and edit is Sony’s Sound Forge Audio Studio and use the Blue Yeti microphone to record. We don’t record over Skype like most other podcasts, unless we are recording our special joint podcast episodes with Rebellion Radio, Night Rebels. We find that recording with all the hosts in person creates a better dynamic for the show. That is an aspect that no other Hunger Games Podcast offers. That may be the reason we are the highest rated hunger games podcast on iTunes with five stars.
Q5: Who’s your favourite character in the series?
Kira: That’s a really tough question, however if I had to choose I would go with Rue. She never gives up even though surviving the games is nearly impossible for her. She relies her mental strengths like being agile, her knowledge of nature, and her abilities to heal to compensate for her size and age. Rue doesn’t let the others intimidate her, she is strong in these other aspects that reward her with an 11. How many tributes can they say they have all of that going for them? She is an amazing role-model and we can all learn something from her.
Mariah: My favorite character would have to be Katniss. I realize how predictable that may be, but i just can’t help it. Not including the last book, Katniss continued to be as strong as ever. She was always independent, always challenging, but always lovable. Katniss was one of the most realistic characters i’ve ever read about, even though her situations were not realistic. She wasn’t perfect, especially when it came to expressing and feeling emotions, but that just made her more real.
Matt: The character(s) that affected me most deeply are Prim and probably Peeta. (Spoiler:) Although Peeta did not die, I still find him one of the best role models in the entire series because he is more than just a manipulative being to the audience; he has an excessive amount of care and compassion for the people he holds most dearly to him. Peeta also has this strong-willed aspect about him that I’ve yet to find in any other character from any other novel. Prim touches me very dearly because of her actions, how she will do whatever it takes to help someone in need. Being that I want to go into the medical field, I can relate to Prim so closely, but when she died, it absolutely broke me and, to be honest, I cried for about an hour after reading that part because it caught me so off guard.


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